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Resident Community and Scholarly Projects

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Past and Ongoing Projects:


Southeast Heights Clinic

- 2017: Increasing Access for Those Engaged in Survival Economies (Molly McClain and Jared Lunkenheimer)

- 2017: Attitudes Toward Breastfeeding in the Vietnamese Community (Meredith Barlow, Stephanie Hubbard-McGirt, Phung Vo)

- 2018: Health Needs Assessment of Those Engaged in Survival Economies and Vulnerable Populations in Albuquerque, NM (Jerica Johnson, Andrew Russell, Michelle Chungtuyco)


North Valley Clinic

- 2017: No Show Patients: Addressing Barriers to Accessing Care (Ariel Scott, Jimmy Crumbacher, Carmelda Labaze)

- 2017: Incorporating Community Health Workers into a Resident Continuity Clinic Setting: Validation of a Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool (Ariel Scott, Sherry Weitzen, Art Kaufman, and Val Carrejo)

- 2018: Healthcare Assessment of Youth Leaving Juvenile Detention (Moon Yoon, Kresta Antillon, Matt Wilson, Jodi Parungao, Maggie Black) 

- 2018: Systems Based Medical Education Curriculum Design (Eric Tuers, Charity Bishop)


South Valley First Choice

- 2017: Diabetic Group Visits (Emily Cohen, Theresa Drallmeier, Cassie Fairchild, Aissa Steiner)

- 2018: Pajarito Health Concerns QI Project (Cris Laguillo)

- 2018: Heart Failure Scales Project (Theresa, Drallmeier, Cris Laguillo, Samantha Sanchez)

- 2018: Hablas Espanol (Eric Arellano, Andrea Dotson)


Indian Health Services

- 2017: Starting a Clinic Based Support Group:  The IHS Women's Circle (Gail Norton and Kate Stuenkel)


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