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Inpatient Working Orientation (redirected from Inpatient Orientation Page)

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Welcome to UNM Family Medicine Inpatient Medicine!

As you embark on this next chapter of your medical training, we wanted provide you with some critical skills and resources that you will be using on the inpatient service.  We hope that you can learn and apply these skills while working on the service with some of your peers.  The packet attached below will be used during your inpatient working orientation and will hopefully be a tool that you can also use in the future.  Please feel free to use the faculty, staff, senior residents, and peers as resources for this orientation and for the rest of residency!   



By the end of this orientation, you will be able to do the following: 


  1. Have a faculty member directly observe you rounding or admitting one patient.
  2. Demonstrate (or observe) how to admit 3, round on 3 and discharge 3 patients with inpatient education support. 
  3. Analyze one of your peer’s progress notes for relevancy and ease of practice.
  4. Demonstrate how to call a consult and signing out to one of your peers.  
  5. Acquire some habits/skills that will help with inpatient ease of practice.


Attached Documents:

Display the location of important IPS resources.

  1. IPS Orientation Packet

  2. IPS Orientation Passport 

  3. Billing Document and Evaluation Management Tool




  1. IPASS, a Mnemonic to Standardize Verbal Handoffs

  2. Changes in Medical Errors after Implementation of a Handoff Program

  3. 10 Questions You Should Consider for Specialist Consultations 


Ed Support Schedule:

IPS 2023 Ed Support Schedule



Inpatient Map Courtesy of Dr Gubbala


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