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UNM Documentation Tips (redirected from UNM Documentation Guidelines)

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This is a repository of the UNM HIM CDI & Coding Guidelines to help with Documentation:


You can find the most recent updated tipsheets at the intranet page: https://hospitals.health.unm.edu/intranet/HIM/cdi.shtml 


These are also within the Moodle practice management modules in the Inpatient Diagnosis and Specificity > Documentation Tips module resources.


General Best Practice words summary card: Best Practice Documentation Examples.docx  


Here are the available common ones: 



Malnutrition 1 Rev 10.05.17.pdf

Substance Use Page 1_2 TipSheet Update Jan 2020.docx

Alcohol Disorder Tip Card-combined.docx

Congestive Heart Failure_.pdf

Tip Sheet Hospital Medicine.docx



UNMH Guideline Pediatric Encephalopathy_Final.doc

UNMH Guideline Pediatric Shock_FINAL.doc

UNMH Guideline Pediatric SIRS Sepsis_Final.doc

Malnutrition, Pediatric CDI and Coding Guideline.pdf

Respiratory Failure (Pediatric) Guideline_final.doc

Tip Sheet Pediatrics.docx

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