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MCH Orientation Scavenger Hunt

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MCH Orientation Scavenger Hunt

During your week on the MCH service, try to locate or do as many of the items below as possible (it will serve you well for later in the year when you return to the service). Please ask upper level residents and attendings for assistance with any of items below!


1. Download the MCH clinical guidelines (to your phone, Evernote, Dropbox, etc)- hint: you must be logged in to the wiki

2. Download and read the MCH Handbook (covers rotation logistics)

3. Add the MCH list to your patient lists (and then repeat for the L&D, triage, and MBU lists)

4. Find the guidelines for the CACHE format (hint: posted on the wall in the workroom)

5. Set up a template for a Newborn H&P (and then repeat for Newborn DC summary, newborn daily progress note).

6. Set up a template for an OB H&P, labor progress note, post-partum progress note, and post-partum discharge summary.

7. Where are medications recorded when they are given to patients on L&D? (hint: you need a QS login to find them)

8. How do you get scrubs on L&D?

9. Who is the unit director of L&D? Introduce yourself!

10. What does a patient category C mean? Review the patient category designations (A-E)

11. Who teaches on the intern’s first day on the MCH service? What is the suggested topic? Review the education schedule (also posted in the work room).

12. Add a patient to delivery database (hint: you have to map the N drive)

13. What is the phone number for MBU?

14. What color are family medicine patients written in on the triage board?

15. What does NIPS stand for and what does the NIPS include for first trimester vaginal bleeding?

16. Find the nitrazine paper and review the components of a SROM exam

17. Look at a slide with ferning under the microscope in triage

18. Find the swab for GC/chlamydia, FFN, vaginal pathogen panel, and GBS.

19. Where are the rapid GBS swabs? When do you use these? When should you not use these?

20. Print a picture from the ultrasound.

21. Measure a deepest vertical pocket.

22. What is the order set called that you use when admitting patients to OB Special Care?

23. Add the MCH Beta Book to your patient list and look at the criteria for adding patients to the beta book (on the wiki)

24. How do you open, sign and initiate the OB Triage Provider Order Set?

25. Find a variable deceleration on a fetal heart tracing (review criteria for early, late, and variable deceleration)

26. Find the UNM birth preferences handout on the wiki

27. Order PIH labs (what labs are included?)

28. Enter postpartum orders (what do you change if the patient has pre-eclampsia?)

29. Practice tying two handed and one handed knots

30. Order a Medicaid Nexplanon and help the nurse gather supplies (and practice placing it!)

31. Watch the circumcision video on the wiki and then review the steps of a circumcision in the book in the nursery (in the back nursery room where circumcisions are performed).

32. Calculate the light level and risk level for a newborn patient using the 24 hour bilirubin result, determine when the bilirubin should be repeated

33. Locate the ophthalmoscope on MBU, check a red reflex

34. Calculate the weight loss for a newborn on day 2 of life

35. Where is the newborn clinic? How do you schedule follow up for babies there?

36. Where can you find the lactation consultants? Where is Lactation Clinic?

37. What is the COWS score? What range of scores is considered moderate withdrawal?

38. What is the mechanism of Subutex and how is it different than methadone? Review the buprenorphine consent.

39. What scoring system is currently used to monitor infants for opiate withdrawal? Where can you find the score in PowerChart?

40. When would you decide to start an infant on morphine?

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