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Sub-I learning objectives

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Sub-Internship Expected Inpatient Competencies/Feedback*


Patient Care

  • resident and attending are recognized as supervisors
  • accurately elicits history from the patient
  • routinely ascertains if patient understands and agrees with the plan of care
  • involves family members in discussions about care and keeps them updated
  • can admit a patient in less than 1.5 hours
  • can present a new patient in 15 minutes


Medical Knowledge

  • creates a differential diagnosis and thorough problem list without prompting
  • determines which basic studies are needed for work-up
  • interprets basic test results but may need help with more complex ones
  • starting to choose appropriate treatments for common diagnoses
  • starting to determine the appropriateness of admission/discharge


Interpersonal and Communication

  • communicates information and “to do’s” clearly at sign-out
  • shows active listening with patients through eye contact, paraphrasing, and reflection   
  • learning to redirect talkative patients to move ahead with important agenda items
  • avoids jargon when talking to patients
  • starting to establish boundaries with challenging patients



  • arrives to morning report on time and with a professional appearance
  • greets patient with handshake and introduces self and other team members
  • recognizes when an interpreter is necessary
  • completes assigned tasks and helps with other team needs when able
  • acknowledges errors and is able to say “I don’t know”
  • notifies chief or attending when s/he needs support


Practice-based Learning

  • investigates learning opportunities and shares learning with the team
  • gives one short educational talk per week
  • asks the question “what is the evidence for this intervention?”
  • recognizes deficits in knowledge and notifies supervisors of learning needs/goals
  • asks for and provides feedback to the chief/attending


System-based Practice

  • reviews medication list, fluids, IV access, need for catheters and telemetry on assigned patients
  • addresses prevention of adverse outcomes in the hospital: IS, VTE prophylaxis, fall risk, EtOH w/d
  • routinely seeks out nurses to get input and communicate plan
  • coordinates with other resources (team members, RN, SW, financial, PT/OT) to meet patient needs
  • submits progress notes day of service
  • writes a discharge summary for the chief at the time of patient discharge
  • thinks about system issues that led to hospitalization and what may complicate outpatient care
  • attempts to provide cost efficient care


*This reference lists the expected competencies of a Sub-I midway through their rotation 

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