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PA students rotation

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Welcome to the Family Medicine Inpatient Service experience (aka your Internal Medicine rotation).  This may be one of the more labor and time intensive rotations you’ll have and we hope one of the best exposures to patient care in the hospital setting.  Because this rotation can be rather intense, we wanted to give you some guidelines of how to meet (and exceed expectations) and how to get the most from your experience.


Following the links you will find:

1.     General expectations for PA students

2.     Guidelines for pre-rounding on and caring for your assigned patients.

3.     What your typical day will look like on Inpatient Service. Sample Inpatient Day

4.      Template Powerchart Progress Note.doc

5.      Adult_blank_H&P_Form.pdf   to use when you are doing an admission (also available on UNMH Intranet--Clinical forms)

6.     Your tentative work schedule.  PA students schedule


It is important that you read through this material before you begin your rotation. Four weeks goes by very fast and it is not unusual for students to feel like it takes a good half of the rotation to get comfortable with the environment and the routine. This is to be a time of learning for you and not for just doing “scutt work.” The focus should be on developing good history taking and physical exam skills, as well as accurately recording and reporting patient findings. Students should also begin to develop differential diagnoses and treatment plans for patient cases. We encourage you to think out loud, ask for help, and take a chance in working up assessments and plans for your patients. Interns, PAs, Residents, and Attendings are all here to help you in this learning process.


If you have questions before, during, or after your time with Family Medicine, please feel free to talk to your Residents, Attendings, or other PAs on the team. We hope we can be helpful along the way and make this a very positive part of your learning experience.  We will also facilitate getting your evaluations done by the Residents and Attendings that you work with during your rotation.


Good luck and have fun on your Family Medicine Inpatient Service rotation.

Helpful contacts:

PA Student Orientation leaders:
            Ricci Soto, PA-C    rsoto@salud.unm.edu pager 951-4246
            Patrick Boyne, PA-C    PMBoyne@salud.unm.edu pager 951-3693


Family Medicine Inpatient Service Medical Director:
            Alex Rankin, MD alrankin@salud.unm.edu



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