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Psychiatry Outpatient Rotation (redirected from Ambulatory Psychiatry Rotation)

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Psychiatry Outpatient Rotation

Sites & Schedules for Interns (R1)


Rotation name: Psychiatry Outpatient

Year: R1

Location: Various 

Contact(s): Dan Williams 

Pre-requisites: none



Call contact numbers or email Friday before first week if possible to confirm when to show up.








8:00 am

Consult Liaison (1st Floor Old Hospital, across from Rehab Services, knock on door marked C/L Services) 

Emiliano Valles (evalles@salud.unm.edu).






8:00 am

Adiction & Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) (2600 Yale Blvs SE on Yale and Gibson/Sunport)  

Activity: see clinic patients

Please contact prior to starting rotation:

Vanessa Jacobsohn, MD


505-350-0557 (cell)

8:00 am

Adiction & Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)(2600 Yale Blvs SE on Yale and Gibson/Sunport)

Activity: see clinic patients

Vanessa Jacobsohn, MD


505-350-0557 (cell)

8:00 am

Adiction & Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)(2600 Yale Blvs SE on Yale and Gibson/Sunport)

Activity: see clinic patients

Vanessa Jacobsohn, MD


505-350-0557 (cell)



8:00 am

Motivational Interviewing session with Dan Williams

(currently by zoom)



Evocation MI Residents 2019.pptx

Focusing Slides_2018.pptx

Planning Slides_2018.pptx


1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Work on Project per Dan Williams (no PES during COVID pandemic)



Psych Emergency Services (PES) (2600 Marble NE, northeast part of UNM Hospital complex, west entrance)

Activity: see psych emergency patients

Patient Information:

Nancy Martin, MD


Alfredo Aragon, MD asaragon@salud.unm.edu


Yolanda Morales



To get access to FirstNet for PES you need to call the Hospital Computer IT 272-2168 and have them put in a work order for access to this system.

Resident School

1:00-2:00 pm

Continuity Clinic

1:00 pm

Continuity Clinic



ASAP - References:

addiction as a chronic disease.pdf


Benzo_Opioid_Bup Tipsheet.pdf


PES - Psychiatric Emergencies References:

This template should be filled out within quickly after hyperacute evlauation of patients in PES; documents medical and psychiatric acuity.. Note type should be "BH PES Medical Screening Exmaination". To bring template, type in "=bhpsmese". PES (Psychiatry Emergency Services) Medical Screening Exam 1.31.12.docx

Emergencies Generally: Expert Consensus - Treatment of Behavioral Emergencies.pdf, Psychiatric ER Survival Guide.pdf

Agitation: The Psychopharmacology of Agitation.pdf, Psychiatric Evaluation of the Agitated Patient.pdf  

Suicidality: Quick Reference - Assessment of Suicidality.pdf,

Violence: Risk Assessment for Violence - Resnick.pdf 



Depression - Montgomery Asperg Depression Rating Scale (10 questions from the HAM-D that respond most consistently to therapy - great way to follow treatment response over time)  

Depression - PHQ-9 - well validated depression screen for primary care and hospital settings

Generalized Anxiety  - GAD - 7.  From the same PHQ series as the PHQ 9.  

PTSD - PTSD Checklist.  Contains civilian and military versions. 

Mania - Young Mania Rating scale - Helpful for following response to treatment for mania in the context of bipolar illness.  In my clinical experience may be falsely positive in the setting of borderline personality disorder.

Decisional Capacity - ACE  - Aid to Capacity Exam.  Helpful for isolated intervention decision.   

Cognitive Impairment - MOCA - more sensitive and specific to mild cognitive impairment than the MMSE and has named domains of cognitive function that can help you to parse different types of cognitive impairment.  Validated in neurology/psychiatric/psychology clinics.

Cognitive Impairment - MMSE - Score <24 suggestive of dementia (Sensitivity 87%, Specificity 82%)  Less specific for mild cognitive impairment, higher cutoff scores (26 or 27) must be used to improve sensitivity.  Validated in PCP setting.   10-15min.  10 foreign language translations.  As of March 2001, official version copyrighted.  

Cognitive Impairment - Mini COG - Clock Drawing test with delayed recall of 3 words (0-demented, 1-2 -depends on clock drawing, 3 - non-demented).  Validated in PCP Setting.    1-5min.  Comparable sensitivity/specificity vs. MMSE for dementia.  Limited cognitive domains.

Cognitive Impairment - SLUMS - Tracks well with MMSE but demonstrates smaller mean, lower rank scores.  Predicts scores on Trail making, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning, Wisconsin Card sorting better than MMSE.  Validated in Group of Veterans vs. MMSE - improved recognition of mild cognitive impairment vs. MMSE.  7-10min.


Cognitive Impairment - MOCA-English.pdf

Cognitive Impairment - SLUMSexam_05.pdf

Decisional Capacity - ACE Aid to Capacity Evaluation.pdf

Generalized Anxiety - GAD 7.pdf


Mania - Young Mania Rating Scale-MeasureADA.pdf



PTSD - PCL civilian.pdf

PTSD - PCL military.pdf

PTSD - PCL Scoring.pdf


Medical Management of Vulnerable and Underserved Populations: Chapter 12

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