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fam med va surg guide 2012APXB with vasc

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VA Weekly Schedule


Monday                 Operating Room all day

                              Minor Procedure Room-2nd floor 2B, 9am to noon (2nd Year FM resident has priority)

                              General Surgery Clinic 2B 1pm-330pm 


Tuesday                 General Surgery clinic 8:00 – noon, 2B Surgical Clinic LOOK FOR WOUNDS!

                              Endoscopy Clinic 8:00am – 12:00, GI studies 4th floor (should attend 1-2 times)

                              Tumor Board 12:30 – 1:15pm, 2A-101 Path Conference Room

                              Endoscopy Clinic- noon to 4pm


Wednesday           General Surgery clinic 2B 8-noon LOOK FOR WOUNDS!

                             Operating Room all day

                             Endoscopy Clinic- noon to 4pm


Thursday               Indications Conference 7am 3D 101 Surgical conference room-SCR 

                             Surgery Pathology conference 7:30 – 8:00am, Pathology Department 

                             Endoscopy Clinic 8:00am – 12:00, GI studies

                             Operating Room all day

                             General Surgery Clinic 12:30 – 4:00pm, 2B Surgical Clinic LOOK FOR WOUNDS!


Friday                   M&M Conference 7:00 – 8:00am,  Domenici Auditorium vs. BBRP

                             Grand Rounds 8:00 – 9:00am, Domenici Auditorium vs. BBRP

                             General Surgery Clinic 2B 10am - noon. LOOK FOR WOUNDS!

                             Attending Rounds- noon to 12:45

                             Didactics 12:45-1:30 SCR



Family Medicine VA surgery rotation Guidelines.


  1.  If a particular Family Medicine (FM) resident wants to do minor procedures, this will be encouraged and they can participate each Monday morning starting around 9am in the second floor minor procedure room.  The 2nd year FM resident will have priority, however.
  2. Similarly, FM residents wanting to be in the operating room will be encouraged to do so; surgical residents will have priority.  They must meet the patient prior to going into a case.  This also applies to endoscopy cases on the 4th floor, GI suites.
  3. Morning rounds:  FM residents will be encouraged to contact the appropriate attending if there remain questions about a patient’s care after the general surgery residents have “left to the O.R.”
  4. Please contact Dr. Ketteler at 530-4124 to arrange a “day on Vascular Surgery.”  This will likely be on a Wednesday morning, if interested.
  5. On the first week of the Family Medicine Resident’s VAMC rotation, I or a surrogate will go over the goals and expectations of the rotation.
  6. I or a surrogate will do a midpoint feedback during the midpoint of the rotation.
  7. FM residents are encouraged to come to and participate in the Tumor Board conference on Tuesday at 12:30 pm,  pathology conference on Thursdays at 0730, and attending rounds on Fridays at noon followed by didactics when available.




Call Dr. Anthony Vigil, MD

for questions:

pager 505-229-0047                    Anthony.vigil@va.gov







  • Contact Gerry Casteel ext 4946 for computer codes (better before 1st day)
  • Contact secretary Pamela Tucker at 3b-112 for access card
  • Contact laundry at ext. 4925 for  scrub codes
  • Contact intern at 251-0282 for further tour and/or other pager number and info on rounding times for the next day





September 2012









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