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UNM FM Resident School Attendance Policy

Page history last edited by Dolores L. Garcia 3 years, 11 months ago


UNM FM Resident School Attendance Policy

Updated 3/12, to go into effect 7/1/12


On Wednesday afternoons from 1-5pm the UNM FM Residency holds its Resident School. Resident School is a series of lectures, discussions and presentations of topics that we feel are essential to the education of a well-rounded Family Medicine physician. Some of the presentations also satisfy core requirements for FM residencies, such as the Practice Management Series. Given the importance of these topics, the Residency Education Council considers attendance at Resident School mandatory, though understand that there are occasional circumstances, such as away rotations, night float and opportunities for other unique clinical experiences that may supersede attendance at times. This document outlines our policy and procedure for attendance taking and penalties related to resident attendance.


Attendance Taking Procedure

Residents are expected to arrive before 1pm in order to be ready for the start of the first lecture and announcements promptly at 1pm. We often have outside speakers for this first time-slot, and it is distracting to speakers and the audience if people are arriving late.

An attendance sheet is available near the entrance to the room, residents need to sign in when they arrive.

At 1:10, the attendance sheet is removed. It is put out again at the conclusion of the day's topics.

When residents leave for the day, they need to sign out and turn in speaker evaluations. In the past we've had some difficulty with residents leaving early, and we don't want them to miss important topics that are covered later in the day. It's understood that there are some rotations where residents may have to leave early due to important clinical obligations- when residents need sign out early, there is also a place to put the rotation they are on, to make sure we are aware of which rotations need our residents to return before 5pm.


What To Do If Residents Can't Make It or Arrive Late

Residents on away rotations or night float do not need to contact the residency office to alert them they can't attend, but residents on other rotations should email or call the residency office to make us aware that they aren't going to be able to attend (and why). Preferably, this should be before 1pm.

On Thursdays, the residency office will email the residents who were unable to attend or were late, and ask them for explanations of what the conflict was. These conflicts will be reviewed by the residency office to determine whether or not the day is counted as an excused absence. In general, it is understood that there may be times when people need to attend things like doctor's appointments, but usually those usually don't require the full afternoon and in most situations, are rare. In general, if it's something that wouldn't be scheduled during a clinical rotation, it shouldn't be scheduled on Wednesday afternoons.

A repeated pattern of arriving later than 1:10pm will also lead to the removal of vacation time. Residents will not get credit for having seen the lectures they arrived late to, so being late four times will add up to a half day of vacation being removed.



Unexcused absences from Wednesday afternoons will count as vacation time used. If the entire half-day was missed, then a half day will be removed from vacation time. This may seem like a severe penalty, but it is important that Wednesday afternoon be seen as a mandatory experience, like any other rotation. In exchange for attendance and participation, the residency office will be continually addressing the quality of the presentations, the format and the speakers chosen, to make the experience what you would expect of a strong residency.


Resident Participation

Residents are expected to take part in journal club once during residency. Other Resident participation is encouraged; if residents have speakers they recommend, topics they would like to see, or things they would like to present themselves, they should communicate with the Resident School coordinators. At times residents will be asked to speak about certain topics that came up with patients they cared for.


Distractions, Children at Resident School, etc.

Resident school should be an environment conducive to education for all the attendees. At times, our residents bring their children to Wednesday afternoon lectures. While this is not strictly prohibited, please understand that young children can, at times, be distracting both to speakers and other learners. Additionally, if parents need to leave the conference room because their child is fidgety, hungry, or just bored, they will miss out on whatever is covered during that time. For those reasons, we ask residents not to bring their children to lectures unless there is a childcare emergency.


Revised June 2012

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