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Holiday Inpatient Coverage

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The following are guidelines for how holidays work on the inpatient service


In general, coverage works like weekend coverage: each team must have at least one attending, upper level, and intern rounding.  If in doubt, check amion.com which should be used as the default schedule.


On call team:

  • R2/R3 residents: The on call team resident gets coverage (so has the day off). 
  • The intern coverage is a little different and usually follows the intern templates.  This changes during the December holidays, when we make sure each intern has at least one of the following days off: 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, 1/1.  Some interns will have 2 of those off.  (Check amion.)  When team B is on call on a holiday, the day call intern on amion has to come in.  The other one may or may not have to (team discretion)


Non Call team:

  • R2/R3 from the team: rounds, can go home after rounds and work done.
  • Interns: again, based on the wards template.  If team B is not admitting, they may have 2 interns that can round
  • On team B, only one intern may be needed on a holiday.  That is at the discretion of the team how to handle that and make the coverage fair.


Night team: (resident NF, intern NF)

  • listed in amion- generally no holiday coverage, except occasionally for the intern for a night during the December holidays  



  • Med Students/PA Students are not asked to work holidays
  • Inpatient PA's can work holidays, at their own discretion


List of Dates Considered UNMH Holidays (you get comp days for 7 of the holidays listed below as indicated)

Jan 1

Memorial Day monday

July 4

Labor Day monday


Day After Thanksgiving (not an official comp day per your Resident Union Contract)

Dec 24 (not an official comp day per your Resident Union Contract)

Dec 25

Dec 31

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