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2011-2012 MCH Resident School

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Family Medicine


Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health 




MCH Resident School 2011-2012




July 6: Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Presenters: Larry Leeman (MD), Andy Hsi (MD)

Substance Abuse in Pregnancy (Slides)


August 3: VTE in Pregnancy

Presenters: Huma Khan (MD)

VTE and Pregnancy (Slides)

Cases (Handout)


September 7: MCH Jeopardy Game/Postpartum Hemorrhage

Presenters: Jessica Goldstein (MD)

MCH Jeopardy (Slides)

Postpartum Hemorrhage (Slides)


October 5: MCH Update

Presenters: Daniel Stulberg (MD)

MCH Note Templates (Slides)


November 9: Evidence Based Prenatal Care/Returning Power

Presenters: Heather Banks (MD)

Evidence Based Prenatal Care (Slides)

Returning Power to Survivors: Pelvic Exams, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding (Slides)


December 7: Baby Friendly UNMH

Presenters: Emilie Sebesta (MD), Laura Migliaccio (MD), Larry Leeman (MD)

Baby Friendly UNMH Promoting Hospital Practices that Support Breastfeeding and Improve Maternal and Infant Health (Slides)


January 4: First Trimester Bleeding-Evaluation and Appropriate F/U

Presenters: Heather Banks (MD)

First Trimester Bleeding (Slides)

Jeopardy (Slides)


February 8: Baby Basics

Presenters: Felisha Rohan-Minjares (MD)

Baby Basics (Slides)

Feeding and Colic (Slides)

Baby Sleep Case (Study)


March 7: M & M Case Presentation

Presenters: Mariebeth Velasquez (MD), Sarah Gopman (MD), Jordana Price (MD), Nicole Yonke (MD)

MCH Grand Rounds: M&M (Slides)

Case Presentation of CG (Slides)

Vaginal progesterone reduces the rate of preterm birth in women with a sonographic short cervix (Article)


April 4: Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

Presenters: Sarah Gopman (MD)

Depression in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period (Slides)


May 2: Fetal Growth Assessment in the Third Trimester: IUGR and Macrosomia

Presenters: Sarah Gopman (MD)


June 6: Obstetric Anesthesia Overview

Presenters: Eva Szabo (MD), Sarah Gopman (MD)

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