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Southeast Heights Main Page

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Welcome to the Southeast Heights Clinic Wiki Page!



This site is a place to organize information about ongoing projects and education at the Southeast Heights Clinic.

Please note that this website is PUBLIC. Do not put any protected health information (PHI) on this website.


Southeast Heights Clinic Orientation


Resident Teaching (2021-2022)-- Monday teaching topics with links to articles/resources

** SEH Monday Teaching 2020-2021

** Monday teaching topics (2019-2020)

** Past Monday teaching topics (2015-2019)


Outpatient Learning Activity cards


Refugee Health Clinic and Curriculum


Transgender Health Clinic: Deseo


FOCUS and Milagro Clinic


Prescribing Controlled Substances- Guidelines and Resources

- UDM Interpretation:  Common Urine Drug Screen Misinterpretations Tipsheet from Carrejo.pdf


How to Complete METRIC


Hepatitis C - Guidelines and Resources for Treatment


Prescribing PrEP: JS_FM Resident PrEP Discussion_March 2021.pdf

Best Practices for Inclusion of LGBTQIA+:  UNMAETC Grand Rounds- March Clinic-Based Resident School.pdf



Prenatal Care Guidelines:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sRNcp3dujpcIunRlOOxtah5jczifQOavQl5RWWaGM3c/edit?usp=sharing


Prenatal Care Patient Education Handouts (link to UNM Maternity Care website): https://hsc.unm.edu/health/patient-care/womens-health/patient-education.html



Past Group Visit Projects:

Suboxone Group Visits

Diabetes Group Visits

Walking Group


Past Quality Improvement Projects(PDSA)




Billing and Documentation - Leveling Card.pdf


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