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Southeast Heights Diabetes Group Visits

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This page describes materials and overviews of past classes for the Southeast Heights diabetes group visits.



Participants should be Spanish-speaking, with uncontrolled diabetes, and interested in participating. This group visit DOES NOT take the place of usual visit with patient's PCP.


General Structure of Classes

  1. Registration (just before 4 pm): Patient show up starting around 3:45 pm and usually (hopefully) show up before 4 pm. The MA should register each patient who is a patient within the UNM system. Note that this will not be an actual billed visit for patients; people not within the UNM system may join us. 
  2. Class (4 to 5 pm): The class should start with a brief overview of ground rules (confidentiality, respect, making sure everyone has a chance to speak, etc.). Then start with your topic of the day. See resources below for what you can talk about for each topic.
  3. Documentation: any patient who is part of the UNM system should have a note written. This note should be under the "Clinic Note - SEH". This note will NOT be used for billing, but rather documentation of the patient's attendance. This note allows residents to count patient as continuity patients. Note should reflect some reflection and critical thinking about the individual patient and some kind of plan. (Example: "John came to the diabetes group visit at the SEH Clinic today, where I interacted with him face-to-face. He discussed his difficulty in trying to become more physically active; he says motivation is his main problem. He knows that increased activity will help him control his diabetes. After talking with me and the group, he says he will try to walk with his dog 3 times a week because this is something he likes to do and thus can commit to. At the next visit, we will see whether he has been able to achieve is goal.")


Pre/Post Survey

Diabetes Survey.docx


Overview of Classes by Topic

The each of the group visits should focus on one of these 6 topics. If you do not have time to plan a visit, templates visits are being developed (so you don't have to spend much time planning).


Basics of Diabetes

Diabetes Group Visit - Basics of Diabetes Template


Medication Management and Issues

Diabetes Group Visit - Medication Management Template

Past materials used:

 Diabetes Group Visits - Medications, Monitoring.pptx


Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes Group Visit - Complications of Disease Template


Physical Activity

Diabetes Group Visit - Physical Activity Template



Diabetes Group Visit - Nutrition Template


Goal Setting

Diabetes Group Visit - Goal Setting Template


Sample Curriculum

DM Group Visit Sample Manual.pdf


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