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MCH Night Float

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Family Medicine


Maternal, Child, and Reproductive Health






MCH Night Float Orientation




Welcome back to MCH! 

 Below you will find several things you need to know for your MCH rotation: 


Please read the MCH Handbook for more detailed information. 

 You will not be able to function at an appropriate level on this rotation without having read it.


Note that all extra learners on the MCH serivce, including Sub-Interns

who will sometimes work nights, are listed in Shift Planning.

(For an overview of how to use Shift Planning click here.)






Tuesday AM Case Rounds


MCH case rounds (AKA Tuesday morning talks) are held every Tuesday at 7 AM in the L&D conference room. Attendance is required for the entire MCH team and the resident on the Ambulatory Women's Health rotation.


For more information, including relevant background reading, and the date you are scheduled, please see the MCH Case Rounds page. (Relevant articles are also included in the list below.)


You are scheduled to give the talk on the 3rd Tuesday of the rotation block, so only one of the NF residents scheduled for the month will give the talk.



The MCH Wiki

The MCH Program has its own Maternal, Child, & Reproductive Health wikipage within the UNM Family Medicine residency's wiki workspace. It's listed under "Rotation Info" on the front page of the workspace. It is constantly being updated with new and useful information, including rotation information, provider education, patient education, etc. If you ever find yourself in need of information or forms related to maternal, child, or reproductive health, please check the MCH wiki!



What to Read





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